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16 Seater Minibus Hire

16 Seater Minibus Cardiff 

Cardiff minibus hire is the best way for groups to move around town, without being restricted in mobility. However, it is important to have a minibus best suited for the group. Too large a minibus would not just cost more, but may also suffer from restrictions on entering certain narrow routes. Too small a minibus would result in group members being crammed up, leading to a harrowing experience. 
A 16 seater minibus suits most small to medium groups. We have at our disposal Mercedes 16 seater, the latest and most popular in-class vehicle. The vehicle combines style with safety, and comfort with utility. The vehicle come fitted with modern gadgets, including air-conditioning, music system, GPS, and bluetooth connectivity. The large, plush seats contribute to a relaxing and ergonomic seating. These minibus features a wide array of safety features, such as brake disc drying technology, roll-over mitigation, hydraulic brake assist, acceleration slip regulation, and more. It also offers plenty of luggage space, making it the preferred choice for even small groups to make airport transfers. 
Our 16 seater minibus is in high demand for airport transfers, wedding transfers, funeral ceremonies, sightseeing trips, making visits to race courses, to partake in a concert or theatre, for nites out, and several other purposes. The elegant features of this model also allow your group to make a favourable first impression. 
To avail our minibus hire for your group, fill in the online booking form, or contact our customer care today. We offer the lowest rates, and combine professionalism with unmatched flexibility. Our team of drivers, customer care, and others are fully motivated to delight the customer, and offer not just transportation, but a complete experience.