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12-14 Seater Minibus Hire

12-14 Seater Minibus Cardiff
A 12-14 seater minibus is very agile, and can navigate even the most crowded roads with ease. It is the ideal vehicle for small groups of close friends, colleagues, families, and others to make airport transfers, visit the race course, attend a concert, visit a sporting event, attend a wedding function, or do anything else. For instance, our services are especially valuable for transfers to Cardiff or Bristol airport, during the upcoming Cardiff Summer Festival, to visit the British FIM Speedway Grand Prix in July, or to partake any of the 250+ concerts scheduled for 2016, when the city becomes very crowded. 
The services of our skilled driver, who know which routes to take, and which routes to avoid, and who makes the correct trade-off between speed and safety makes our 12-14 seater minibus even more worth it. 
All our minibus hire in Cardiff coaches are wide and spacious, and come with comfortable seats, air conditioning, music system, seat belts, GPS, and ample luggage space.

We run a lean set-up, and therefore charge the lowest for our Cardiff minibus hire service. This, combined with the less per-head costs it takes when several members travel together, means that our Cardiff minibus hire may even work out cheaper than public transportation, or your won vehicle!  
Contact our customer support team now, or fill in the online booking form, to reserve your minibus now. We are available round the clock, and take you to anywhere from CF post code area. Most customers who availed our services in the past have left praiseworthy testimonials, and become regular customers.