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Minibus Hire with Driver Cardiff 

A good minibus hire company makes it a point to have the latest and most modern brands at their disposal. However, what distinguishes truly great Cardiff minibus hire operators from the rest is the level of service on offer, and here we soar above all our competitors. 
Our fleet includes the latest and most popular minibus models, from Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes, and Ford. These vehicles are very comfortable on their own, and we further add several accessories, and GPS, to enhance comfort and safety. We furthermore schedule regular maintenance, and make sure to check tyre pressure, oil levels, and other key parameters before starting a trip.
When you opt for minibus hire in Cardiff, you actually avail a minibus hire with driver. The importance of the driver can never be understated. The comfort and punctuality of the group depends largely on the competence of the driver. A driver with poor driving skills can render a uncomfortable trip, even in the best of vehicle. An less resourceful driver is more prone to get caught in traffic jams. We handpick our driver for their driving skills, experience in driving comparable vehicles, their integrity, and their resourcefulness. We make sure they have considerable hours of driving behind them, and they are aware of the local routes. We hire drivers after extensive background check, to test their integrity, and also train them thoroughly on traffic rules and regulations, safe driving practises, sensitivity training on how to behave during critical occasions such as funeral transfers, and more. We also make it a point to ensure they are resourceful enough to handle all high pressure situations that may arise when driving, and to handle all eventuality. 
Whenever a crisis unfold, you will see our drivers keeping their presence of mind, and acting calm and logically to lead your group unscathed. Whenever you see a traffic gridlock emerging, the odds are that our driver would take an alternative route, and take you to your destination in time.  
Our customer support team adds value to your experience, and delivers professional service that ensures you have a comfortable team. Our services are flexible, and when you make any special requests, our customer support team makes sure it is implemented, and the drivers coordinate with customer care to get it done. Likewise, our customer support team coordinates and follows up with you or your representatives to confirm the pick up or drop off points, and itinerary, and pass it on to the driver, who carries out instructions and requests to perfection. 
It is the unbeatable combination of state-of-the-art vehicles, highly competent drivers, and dedicated customer support team that has gained for us several accolades from previous customers, and a strong base of regular corporate and other customers. We also offer the lowest rates in Cardiff for minibus hire. The services we offer are the maximum, and the rates we charge are the minimum. 
Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is a big city, with several attractions, several activities, concerts, functions, and festivals round the year. It requires the services of a minibus hire with driver for your group to visit all the sites, and partake in the events, in the best possible way, without being hassled on transportation, and without restricting the mobility of your group. 
To book a minibus hire in Cardiff, fill up the online booking form, or contact our customer support team now. We are available at all times of the day or night, ready to serve you.