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Coach Company Cardiff 

There is no better way than a minibus hire in Cardiff to move your group around. However, a smooth journey requires much more than simply packing your group into whatever minibus or coach becomes available. The choice of vehicle is of critical importance, and the service is just as important as the vehicle. 
So how do you zero in on a good coach company? 
Consider the choice of vehicles. Good minibus companies offer a wide range of vehicles, to suit diverse requirements. Our Cardiff minibus hire service offer a choice of vehicles staring from 8 seater minibus, all the way to 72 seater double decker coach, and many variants in between, including 12-14 seater minibus, 16 seater minibus, 24 seater minibus, 28-35 seater minibus, 49-53 seater minibus, and more. Furthermore, all these coaches are reputed models, such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos, and Iveco coaches.  
Consider the effort put in on these vehicles. A large fleet size is on no use, if a majority of the vehicles are ageing, rickety coaches past their sell-by-dates, or if the vehicles are poorly maintained. We replenish our fleet on a periodic basis, meaning we always have new and the most modern vehicles to serve you. Moreover, all our vehicles are subject to routine servicing, prompt repairs, and daily check of vital parameters such as tyre pressure, oil, and more. They are also cleaned promptly after every trip. 
Consider the driver. It goes without saying that a skilled and experienced driver is always better. The profile of our drivers go much beyond these basics. We handpick drivers for their resourcefulness, intelligence, and integrity as well. Our drivers are known to keep a level head in all situations, and adept in driving well under all situations, including heavy traffic and inclement weather. They keep themselves updated on all traffic rules pertaining to their vehicles, and have undergone training in customer care. They are always polite and accommodative, and yet do not not put safety at risk. Moreover, our drivers are familiar with the region, and know the best way to reach any destination. They would even guide you with recommendations, should you want it. For instance, if you group is on a nites out mission, or driver would guide you to the best bars and restaurants in the city’s Cafe Quarter. If your group is on a days out trip with family, drivers know the best hot-spots for family entertainment, such as Cardiff Story Museum, Treetop Adventure Golf, and others, beyond the obvious attractions such as Cardiff Castle. 
Consider the flexibility service. Never underestimate the extent of flexibility the minibus company provides. Many operators offer attractive terms, but straightjackets you into rigid terms and conditions, which may spoil the trip. We offer unmatched flexibility in all our dealings. You can contact our customer care at any time of the day or night, with any requirement or changes whatsoever. If it is genuinely possible, we will do it for you, no questions asked. Our customer support team has won many accolades and awards for their sheer professionalism and commitment towards the cause of total customer delight. Read through the testimonials left by previous customers as proof of the level of service, and flexibility on offer. 
Costs: last by not the least, consider the costs. We offer the lowest prices for Cardiff minibus hire, compared to any other operator. Unlike many others, we do not offer a low price by adopting a “bait and switch” strategy, or by cutting corners on essentials. We rather reduce our overheads by running a lean set up, and making sure of employee are highly productive.  
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